All Stars

Dear GVGSA Parents:
The GVGSA All-Star program is a wonderful adventure where the girls learn and grow, both in game skills and life experience.  The information below covers several very important aspects of the program but please feel free to contact any GVGSA board member with your specific questions.   


The managers and coaches may begin the process of selecting Gold All-Star teams as early as 2 weeks into the Spring league season for 10U/12U/14U divisions in which a formal tryout will take place. The 8U division and 10U/12U/14U division Silver/Bronze teams will have a formal tryout that will take place in Spring 2023. These dates are based on the guidelines and rules posted by the USA Softball of the Central Coast. 

Manager/Coach Selection:

The Allstar team manager is selected through an application and interview process conducted by the GVGSA Board. The manager must have been a manager/coach during the regular season to be considered for manager of the Allstar team. The selected manager will appoint his/her assistant coaches.

Team Selection:

An Allstar player is selected through an application process and tryouts. The teams are selected based on creating the best team GVGSA has to offer for each level of team (first gold, then sliver, then bronze), per age division (8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U). Note that silver and bronze teams are formed if there are enough girls available and a manager available to coach the team. Each team selects a minimum of 11 players and a max of 15 players.

Once teams are selected, it becomes the managers responsibility to place players into positions that best benefit the team. Attendance at practices will help guide a manager in placing Allstar team members into positions. For example, a player played second base throughout regular season, now becomes the center fielder for the Allstar team. Outfielders are extremely important during all-star play and so managers often utilize some of their most talented players in those positions.

Managers will be encouraged to give all girls a chance to play, either as a starter or sub. However, it is at the manager’s sole discretion to determine each player’s actual amount of playing time. Open communication between a manager and his/her players is encouraged. There is no guaranteed playtime.


The Allstar season runs May-July, and to the first week of August for the 10U/12U/14U gold teams that qualify for the Western Nationals. Practice takes place during the week and tournaments are on the weekends. Tournaments are generally Sat/Sun commitments. The Western Nationals takes place in one of the Western states and the tournament is one week long. Participation in previous all-star tournaments has included places such as Atascadero, Carpinteria, Clovis, Five Cities, Fresno, Goleta, Lemoore, Lompoc, Moorpark, Morro Bay, Orcutt, Paso Robles, Santa Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Ventura and West Covina.


Players are required to attend all practices and all scheduled weekend tournaments. In addition, parents will minimize all potential conflicts. When submitting an application, it is imperative that parents are honest about upcoming conflicts and player availability. Scheduling a two-week vacation during the GVGSA all-star season would not be considered in the best interest of the team. It is important to disclose ANY potential conflicts in advance. In, general, there are 3 practices a week and weekend tournaments May-July.


There will be a significant financial commitment for expenses incurred by playing the allstar season including uniforms, equipment, hotel stays, gas and food. The 10U, 12U, & 14U Gold level all-star teams can play in as many 8-10 tournaments, including out-of-state tournaments and/or Western Nationals. The 8U Gold team and the Silver/Bronze teams at all age divisions play in approximately 3-8 in state tournaments. Team fundraising is an option that can be pursued on a team by team basis.

Parent Volunteers:

Volunteering is required by parents just as in regular season.

GVGSA hosts our own All-star tournament during the Allstar season and all parents must volunteer their time (usually 2 hours) for this tournament and may include field day, field prep and concessions.

We hope this information was helpful to you but, again, invite any questions you may have about the All-Star Season.   

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