GVGSA End of Season Mini Tournament


1. GVGSA league rules will apply in all divisions except as modified by these rules.


2. The 12U division shall have no pitching limits or scoring limits. 8U pitching limits shall be extended to 9 outs.


3. The home team shall be determined by a coin flip prior to the start of the game. EXCEPTION: In championship games, the teams advancing through the winner's bracket shall be the home team.


4. All 6U games shall be 3 innings and may end in a tie. All other games are elimination games and will go to an international tiebreaker if there is a tie after time has expired or the innings limit has been reached. 8U and 10U championship games shall end after 5 innings. The 12U championship game shall end after 6 innings. The 14U championship game shall end after 7 innings.


5. In games that go to an international tiebreaker, the last recorded out of the batting team's previous inning shall begin the inning as a runner on second base. No run limits or pitching limits will apply in games that go to international tiebreaker.


6. The following mercy rules shall be in effect for all games: 15 runs ahead after 3 innings, 12 runs after 4 innings, 10 runs after 5 or more innings.


7. End of Season Mini Tournament awards shall be given to the 1st place team.


8. "Play up" players may only appear for one team in the End of Season Mini Tournament.


9. All protests will be handled by the GVGSA league coordinator and his or her decisions will be final.