Lindsay Rose Memorial Tournament Rules

July 9-10

Games will be played at Dos Pueblos High School softball fields 
7266 Alameda Avenue Goleta, CA 93117 

In accordance with ASA rules with the following modifications: 
Strict rules of conduct will be enforced. Players, coaches and fans will be ejected from the game for inappropriate language, abuse to players or umpires. Any fighting is automatic suspension from Tournament. 

All games up to Championship game will be no new inning after 1 hour 20 minutes or 7 innings, whichever comes first. Pool play games can end in tie. In Sunday’s bracket games, if tie after 1 hour 20 minutes or 7 innings then game will go to international tiebreaker until there is a winner. Championship game 7 innings no time limit. If there is a tie after 7 innings then game will go to international tiebreaker until there is a winner. NOTE: 8U Rules are no new inning after 1 hour 15 minutes or 6 full innings. Championship game will be 6 innings, no time limit. 

Saturday’s pool play, home team will be determined by coin flip. 

Min. 8 players per team to start a game. 9 players per team on the field for 10U, 8U has 10 defensive players for all games. 

Games will start on time, no grace period. 

Run rule will be in effect: 15 after 3, 12 after 4 and 8 after 5. 

Forfeits will be scored 7-0. 

Check in time is 1 hour before first game. ASA cards and signed off Perfect Binders are required for check in. 

Protests will be handled by the U.I.C.and tournament director. All protests must be known prior to the next pitch. A $20.00 fee will be charged for each protest. Refundable if ruled in favor of. 

Home team will keep official scorebook. 

Team listed 1st shall be in the 1st base dugout (exceptions being back to back games—team shall remain in the dugout occupied in game one)

Pool play seeding for bracket play on Sunday: Win 2 points, Loss 0 points, Tie1 point. If points are tied then the following will determine the tiebreaker: 
o Head to head record

o Fewest runs allowed

o Most runs scored

o Coin toss 

**Note—In order to give as many teams as many competitive games as possible, we created pools with teams of similar abilities. We did the best we could with the knowledge we had to match experience with experience to minimize the number of blow-outs on Saturday. This does not allow for the most accurate seeding on Sunday, however, as a silver or bronze team could be ranked a number one overall. Therefore, in the interest of getting the truest semi-final (#1 vs #4; #2 vs #3) in the 8, 10, 12u, the more competitive pool (Pool B) will receive seeds 1-4 in the bracket. 

The following balls will be provided

o 8u...... 10” Reduced compression fast pitch softball

o 10u.... .11” Dream Seam

o 12/14u..... 12" Dream Seam 

Pitching distances

o 8u....... 30ft

o 10u......35ft

o 12u...... 40ft

o 14u ......43ft 

No infield practice between games. 

All balls must be returned to umpire after game. 

Scores must be turned in by the home team immediately following your game to the snack bar/tournament director. The score sheets must be initialed by both coaches. 

On Sunday, highest seed occupies 3rd base dug out (unless back to back games). 

All youth sports events are drug, alcohol, and tobacco free. 

Dogs are not allowed on Dos Pueblos campus. 

Unsportsman-like cheers directed at or singling out a specific player, position, or team will not be tolerated. Additionally, cheers using inappropriate language will not be tolerated. This behavior may lead to coach ejection or team forfeiture. 

Round-robin batting permitted in all divisions (courtesy runners for pitchers and catchers shall be last player put out. 

No run limits in 12/14 divisions

Rules for 10 under include the following

First two innings, 5 runs per inning, 3rd inning on is open. 

Rules for 8 under include the following 
• CCASA 8U Rules for 2013 (included in separate attachment)